Oakley Flak 2.0-sports glasses that provide reliable protection

Lens: jade iridium-Pigment color contrasting glasses Oakley added another stage production of the polymer from which make lenses. fake oakley sunglasses discount codes 2018. Additionally, they can see a bright mirror coating Iridium a certain color. It reduces glare of reflected light, and makes lenses with a contrast for certain weather conditions. Iridium coating is very thin-a total of 12 nm, but with such a small thickness is sufficiently resistant to scratches. Iridium coating haunted not only the purely utilitarian purpose-glasses with such lenses are much brighter, and many give them preference for attractive appearance …

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Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 Xl OO9188 Sunglasses

Lighting conditions: bright light.

-High Definition Optics

Marking-High Definition Optics HDO (high definition Optics " ") means that in glasses Oakley applied a number of technological solutions to achieve maximum clarity and sharpness of the lens.
Both lenses used in a pair of Oakley, allow your eyes focus on the subject freely at one point. Fuzzy lens wrong United in a pair may produce distortion, and focus of each eye will be sent in two different points. Similar distortion imperceptible to us, oakley sunglasses outlet, because their brain compensates. At the same time, it forces the muscles around the lens and the eye strain that can lead to premature fatigue of our vision and even headaches. Glasses and Oakley lenses are designed so that regardless of how they sit on your face and in which neither point would have been sent to your view, his focus will not be distorted.

Oakley lenses have different thickness-it decreases from their optical Center to the edges. This allows you to ensure that there is no distortion over the entire square curved lenses and maintain optical correctness for peripheral vision.

(HDO): thanks to patented innovative technology manages to achieve unsurpassed clarity and accuracy of the image. It allows you to keep the optical lenses, eye, therefore, correctness in these glasses do not get tired.

-100% protection from UV light.

-Soft inserts in the area of the nose and arches made of UnobtainiumV most sports models of Oakley Sunglasses on her nose and side lighting are used inserts of special polymer Unobtanium ™. It is able to absorb sweat, oakley sport sunglasses cheap, and therefore does not slide on the surface of the skin, providing a tight and at the same time, neoshhutimuju fixation of frames on your face. Oakley eyewear with inlays of Unobtanium ™ does not fly from head in any weather conditions and even very abrupt overloads provide smooth and reliable retention points. Patented absorbent removable attachments to temples and temples that provide a more dense prileganie glasses when playing sports.

-O-MatterBol’shinstvo cus of Oakley Sunglasses for sports and recreation are made of firm nylon O-Matter ™. It is flexible, durable, oakley mens sunglasses, lightweight and not afraid of UV and low temperatures, thereby also applies in ski-Oakley optics. All frames are carefully designed to ensure accurate landing on an alleged type of person. The shape and geometry of eyeglasses are designed to place the lens on the optical eye lines clearly ™-easy, robust and resistant to external influence rim ensures comfortable use throughout the day.

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