Riding with Oakley, to see what others do not see

After the Milan-Malgrate, continue monthly appointments with the Oakley Cycling Club to enjoy the views in a whole new way thanks to the revolutionary lenses Prizm fake oakleys sunglasses…

From Milan to Lecco on bikes without losing any details of lombardi. An experience lived by 36 participants in the social ride organized by Oakley Cycling Club, first date of bicycling around Italy that will accompany hobby cyclists until October. Sunday 19 June, wake up early, bet Upcycle Bike cafes and at 8.45 all running on two locations. Two-wheel lovers don’t know about breaks.

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The more technical faced a path along 97 kilometres; those who prefer a more touristy held attached hands on the handlebars for 55 kilometers ‘ soft ‘ under the guidance of “Laugh”, aka Maurizio Ridolfo. To find themselves in Malgrate, on the banks of Lake Como, at the Rush Cycle where was a photographic exhibition curated by Francesco Dolfo, cyclist and photographer who led the group in a more challenging path. Almost five hours on the pedals closed in the company ahead of a cold beer.

Lowest common denominator of the two groups: see what others don’t. Why ride a bike means enjoy panoramas and views differ, cheap fake oakley sunglasses, in full contact with nature. Good air and eyes full of beauty. Thanks to the new lenses Prizm, designed so you don’t miss any detail and improve the viewing experience. Who participated in the riding in Malgrate could try Oakley’s optical technology, which dramatically improves visibility in a wide scale of light conditions.


Colors become more precise, the color contrast is optimized: so details and nuances that usually escape the naked eye become protagonists of visual experience, oakley sunglasses sale, as tested by athletes that are already using Prizm lenses during sporting events and everyday life. And how you can try also to cyclists who are going to the next social ride in July. Click here to stay informed about future releases of Oakley Cycling Club, join our community.

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