Sleep black tech weighted blanket, cover it to relieve stress without insomnia

Mageblanket Weighted blankets can solve a variety of sleep problems, including sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, autism, ADHD, and sensory disturbances. After knowing this magical blanket, many people have great doubts about the principle of the weighted blanket. How does the buy weighted blanket 2019 make people who sleep problems feel at ease? What is the scientific nature of the weighted blanket?

Weighted blanket is a great choice to help you relieve stress
Weighted blanket is a great choice to help you relieve stress

The gravity blanket originated in the United States and was the product of research and development by American scientists.

Use the principle of deep contact pressure to stimulate every stress point on your body, which increases your serotonin and melatonin levels, lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing your nervous system to relax, soothe, and get more efficient sleep.

Weighted Blanket “The use of advanced ontological sensory input (often referred to as” deep contact stress Stimulation therapy “) for human skin acupoint Construction is a highly regarded treatment that stimulates every relevant stress point in the body to improve best weighted blanket for sleep 2019, mood improvement, and relaxation.

The American weighted blanket?

Inside, weighted blankets are filled with 15 to 25 pounds of small beads (a mixture of non-toxic plastic particles and cotton polyester mixtures “), making you very warm and not tossing and turning when you sleep. In fact, however, it is difficult to move. Under the weighted blanket, it’s hard for people to roll to one side. This design is designed to make people feel soft and at ease during a nap or meditation process.

What does it work like:

The blanket is filled with just enough non-toxic poly pellets to provide deep pressure touch stimulation without feeling uncomfortable.The deep pressure from the weight causes the body to produce serotonin and endorphin, which are chemicals that our body naturally uses to relax or calm.Coupled with the darkness of the night, pineal body c onverts serotonin melatonin, our natural sleep hormone. Animals and humans feel a sense of security, when wrapped, so there is a weighted blanket wrapped around the body to relax and allow complete relaxation.

What can it help:

Promote sleep, reduce anxiety, help calm down, improve cognitive function, help overcome over-sensitivity to touch, and appease obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Who can benefit from:

Studies have shown that the weighted blanket can provide positive results and people have a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Mageblanket weighted blanket can provide comfort and comfort and can help supply. Treatment of ENT disorders: sensory disturbances, sleep insomnia, ADHD spectrum disorders, Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and panic symptoms, tension and tension, sensory integration disorders/sensory processing disorders.


The price of weighted blankets on the market is between $ 100 and $ 800. It depends mainly on the type of customer need, the quilt, the cotton, the foam, etc.Cheap weighted blanket sale is described as a “Miracle” worth $ 250, which can reduce sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and more. This vision is very appealing, with more than 15,000 users of insomnia participating in crowdfunding, for a total of $ 3 million.

Part of the reason for popularity:

Part of the reason the gravity blanket is popular is because it’s very simple — no wires, batteries, buttons, apps, or ugly headsets. All you need is this soft and weighted blanket.

The weighted blanket tells people.

As long as we lie down, pull the blanket, relax, we can fall asleep!

Weighted blankets are well known in the medical world and have been used as natural decompression drugs for decades. However, the entire society has not yet reached out to them. To this end, we are working hard to put it in a form that everyone can access. Although gravity blankets have been used in the medical world for many years, measurable health benefits have only recently begun to appear in scientific research. So far, the results are incredible. Even hospitals use gravity blankets to calm patients’ anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep. In a similar manner to sw an infant, adult weight and stress provide near-instant comfort and relief.

How to buy an affordable weighted blanket?

First, the price of the weighted blanket is not cheap. The price of a 20 pound weighted blanket is $249. If you think the price is too high, cheapest weighted blanket,you can find the relevant DIY tutorial online and make a customized version of the gravity blanket.

Most experts recommend choosing a weighted blanket with a weight of 10% when choosing a weighted blanket. If you weigh 150 pounds, choose a 15 pound weighted blanket.

It is important to note, however, that if you snore while sleeping or have sleep apnea, you should not use items similar to weighted blankets. Because anything with a certain weight is placed on your chest, it can further interfere with your breathing.

But if you’re stressed and need coffee every morning to refresh yourself, try the weighted blanket, and a weighted blanket may help you get through the long night safely.