Test of Sunglasses Oakley Jawbreaker: Are Oakley Worth It?

Sunglasses Oakley Jawbreaker are both stylish and unusual. oakley sunglasses outlet. In addition to be considered an “armor”, their glass is of excellent quality.



It was last April that Oakley has unveiled its new line of sunglasses for cycling. We could glimpse the Jawbreaker model on the nose of Mark Cavendish, since the Tour de France 2014. Still in development, the model had a, which made the pair of sunglasses the most anticipated of the year. Developed in collaboration with the sprinter to Etixx-Quick Step so, oakley sunglasses cheap, these glasses are in the image of the British sprinter: atypical.
Less than four months after their release, they already are all the rage in the amateur and professional squads. Let’s start with the design of the Jawbreaker,  which, oakley jawbreaker prizm road sunglasses, we can say, is unique. The model we tested is the replica of the eyewear of Mark Cavendish. Largely black, we find little green touches that recall the color of the Jersey of best sprinter carried by the British on the 2011 Tour. He has done that his trademark color.

These glasses are massive, with a screen very large, much larger than that of the Radar, the other key collection Oakley model. This makes “armor” to the pair of glasses, a kind of protection against external aggression. We will come back. This large glass also gives a vintage, oakley jawbreaker prizm road sunglasses, a bit like what has happened in the 80s or 90s, with lenses that covered almost half of the face! Paradoxically, we find them also futuristic with worked lines. Note that 27 different pieces make up these glasses.

Once on the nose, feels the side armor cleared by design, feels like protected behind the screen. It is a fact because that is exactly the goal of the Oakley engineers: create a pair of glasses that guarantees the protection of the eyes, oakley sunglasses for men, in all circumstances. Glass covers the area around the eyes and sinks low enough so that no foreign element (dust, water, or Pebble) can interfere behind the glass. The maintenance is excellent, as always at Oakley. The pair stay savvy on the nose with powerful branches. These are adjustable according to three degrees of longitude. Simply open a small flap and find the ideal length.

Oakley Jawbreaker® prizm – MATTE BLACK – PRIZM ROAD – OO9290-2031

We were impressed by the quality of the image returned by the glass. Prizm technology offers a sharpness and contrast bluffing. The colours are revived and make very nice vision. Glass returns a slightly pink color, that helps to clarify the vision cloudy or rain. Category 2, it’s a glass mat weather question. HDO (High Definition Optics) technology ensures a deformation of the image, oakley sunglasses outlet online, after the passage of it in the screen. However, at the end of the test, there are a few scratches on it. Too bad! Anti-scratch treatment would have been welcome.

The size of the glass is that it is almost not the mount, allowing a wide field of vision very. The glass is perforated on the edges to facilitate the flow of air. It is very rare that dew forms on the glasses. This glass is definitely the highlight of the pair. About fixing it, oakley jawbreaker prizm, the system is well thought. The glass is not clipped in the mount, but surrounded by it. The bottom of the frame opens and closes by rotating the nasal support. The system is reliable and easy to use.

Sold at the price of 219 euros, the Jawbreaker are among the most expensive glasses of the market. The glasses come with a hard case, a house, which is also a cloth to clean the glass, and a nasal of spare support. Other colours are available. The customization service, busy consumers, is not yet available for this pair.

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