The revolutionary technology of the PRIZM of Oakley screens

We hear about all the summits since last year, the PRIZM of Oakley screens make a real difference to your sessions. If you do not know yet, discover now this revolutionary new technology.

Oakley PRIZM lens

Oakley ski masks have accustomed us to a level of incomparable performance innovation. Last winter, Oakley has launched its new range of masks with the Prizm lens. This year, Cheap Replicas Oakleys for Sale Online new colors are appearing with the Sapphire Iridium Prizm and Prizm Torch.

Torch, Jade, Sapphire, only the color change, the visibility itself is spectacular. These screens are designed to improve in a prodigious manner contrasts and visibility in the mountains. Whatever the weather, you won’t need to change screen.

How does the screen PRIZM?

With the white light of the snow, the human eye loses visibility and perceives less reliefs. Its details and depth perception is greatly reduced.

Prizm technology to boost certain colors, oakley prizm lens sale,  while filtering the rest. The details and contours more purposes will appear, allowing you to gain in confidence, thanks to a clearer and faster reactions.

Find the model that suits you

PRIZM Torch, Jade and Sapphire Iridium lenses are perfect for sunny to cloudy.

During a strong sunshine, the Prizm Black will be more adapted, while pink PRIZM was made for snow days and overcast.

Several models of Oakley masks have the PRIZM lens, to perfectly match the shape of your face.

The revolutionary technology of sunglasses sports sunglasses Oakley Prizm. Perception of details and performance improvement of incredible form with them. It also offers an ultra-precise color definition

Oakley has developed the revolutionary lens Prizm technology that improves the perception of details incredible way to improve performance, oakley sunglasses outlet, offers an ultra-precise color definition and has been designed for specific environments.

Prizm lenses reveal details that are normally not detectable by the human eye. Whether in the mountains, on the road, in water, in open fields or on a track, oakley sunglasses sale promo codes, Prizm lenses allow athletes and consumers perceive the details early, quickly, and more comprehensive, so the experience improves significantly.

Oakley offers Prizm specific lenses for snow, golf, road, trail, daily use, baseball, cricket, shallow water, deep water and MX, all of which are adapted to the different needs of athletes.

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